Enabling LDAP Authentication/Authorization in Apache 2.2

Easy as this:

-Configure with SSL Modules

# ./configure --prefix=path_to_apache/apache2 --enable-mods-shared=all --enable-ssl=shared --enable-authnz-ldap --with-ssl=/usr/local/ssl --with-ldap --enable-ldap

-Install apache

-Configure apache

AuthType Basic
AuthName "Realm Name"
AuthBasicProvider ldap
AuthLDAPURL ldap://ldap1.domain:389/o=Company?uid
require ldap-attribute ou=someValue
Order allow,deny
Allow from all

Apache will connect anonymously to the LDAP Server ldap, to check the existence of the uid. If OK, Apache will connect again to the LDAP Server using the Basic Auth Information from the web browser.

Additionally the require ldap-attribute checks if the user belongs to an ou (Organizational Unit).

That's all, folks!

PS: I have this nasty bug, that if an existing user provides a wrong password the server will create an internal error. This does not happen for non existing users. Strange things happen...

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Xinhua net Brussels on January 28 sports special telegram (eagle of reporter Wang Huan) according to this media coverage, powerful force of league matches of Turkey first class adds club of thunder of the Sa that pull a tower 28 days to publish a bulletin to confirm in its government website, already with Ketediwa Deluoba's agent reachs the star he is current the team Shanghai of place effectiveness explain beautiful club turns meeting matters concerned launchs a negotiation.
If cite of day of TRT27 of Turkey nation TV station is close to the message public figure that increases club of thunder of the Sa that pull a tower, report, deluoba has agreed to join in this supports Turkey powerful force, both sides signed a by a definite date one year the working [url=http://wholesalenikeshoes.manifo.com/]wholesale nike shoes[/url] contract of half.
A newspaper of Turkey place also reported Deluoba turns can add Ladasalei, new boss is " demon animal " one when offer year amount of fulfil of half contract firewood amounts to 7 million euro, every match returns perquisite 30 thousand euro.
High-ranking officer of the field in adding club of thunder of the Sa that pull a tower to just signed Holand nation group from international Milan last week Sineide. It is 3 years of when its offer half contract according to Jialadasalei, fulfil of firewood of every sports season amounts to Sineide 5 million euro.
The team is in Jialadasalei at present tabernacle of league matches of Turkey first class " leading sheep " the position. This team already won championship of earthy armour league matches 18 times up to now.
Deluoba is following the football match of African country cup that the team plays Ketediwa to be held in south Africa at present. Before this, team, AC Milan team mixes the Youwentusi of intended already armour the group shows Laqiao to be introduced of purpose " demon animal " .


Flower Jing of professional league matches shows 43
Below the situation that did not play false ball, can be league matches of football of a profession hit a few compare the score of 0? The answer is YES. According to " the sun signs up for " latest news, in the league matches of women football of a Cambria that undertook a few days ago, team of Jia Difu's bishop defeated team of castle of Ka Fei benefit with the breathtaking score of 43-0.
This is not team of castle of benefit blocking phenanthrene in a disastrous defeat with this only sports season, this team is returned before this ever had been defeated by other team with the score of 0-36, 0-28, 0-26, this 0-43 loses a refresh club history on only field is the biggest score suffers a defeat record, and this team is close among 10 matches, adversary actually add up to infiltrates 219 balls, meanwhile this group is only 1 ball takes credit.
Although military successes rots this degree, but in former chairman of club of castle of benefit blocking phenanthrene Zhu Li looks, the future of this team remains the same infinite light. Zhu Li says: "We must face a few issues bravely, but it is quite hard that it is destined, if the current situation goes down continuously, this meeting endangers the future of the club. This meeting endangers the future of the club..
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